Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's in there!

Does anyone remember the string of Prego commercials with the slogan "It's in there"? You know when the skeptic would ask the cook if the good flavors are there, the spices, and the good for you stuff? And the cooks answer was always the same; "It's in there!"

Well... What if that was a commercial for the Bible?

We have so many questions about life... daily living. With the economy the way it is people are wondering where to turn for help. Marriages are being destroyed everyday. People are sick, hurting, in need of some kind of help... financial, healing, restored relationships, and the list goes on.

Sometimes I can relate living a Christian life as being on a diet. How many times do we or someone we know say "I tried that diet and it didn't work for me?" Well, if we are sincerely honest, we probably didn't follow the diet to the letter. We might have said "I can do this part, but that is way to much for me" or "I think I could probably do it this way and make it work." Does that sound familiar to anyone? If not to you it sure does to me. Just realize that when you change the 'diet' it's no longer THE 'diet' - it is now your own. And that's how people view God, the Bible, and Christianity in general. As if it's something that needs to 'work' for them. How many times do we hear someone or even ourselves for that matter say "I tried God and it just didn't work for me"? or " I tried being a Christian and nothing happened". Well, if that's you... you're not 'following the diet'. God is not something to 'work' or 'not work'. He is the Almighty Creator of the Universe! You're very breath is in His hands. He created you and yes, He loves you! BUT... He gave us directions for living. And He calls this direction the Bible. If you live the way God intended - following HIS DIRECTIONS and not adding or deleting as we deem this or that 'too hard' or 'too much' - we will see how God's way truly does 'work'.

You see... at the end of this life is Heaven or Hell. Everyone wants to go to Heaven and most people think they will go to Heaven - but they don't have a ticket - and that 'ticket' is the free gift of salvation through Jesus. Think about it... you can't even go to Oprah's house without knowing her and having an invitation. You wouldn't let a stranger in your home for no reason - you would have to invite them or they would need a reason to be there. Yet... so many people believe they will enter God's Heaven when they don't even know Him.

God has left us with an invitation to Heaven and directions for life.

Read the BIBLE.

Want to know how to receive salvation? It's in there!
Need to know how to handle finances? It's in there!
How to treat others? It's in there!
Save a marriage?
Take care of your body?
Raise your children?,
Honor your parents? IT"S IN THERE!!! All this and more... :)

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