Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation... so happy... sooo sad.

So today was Keri Ann's kindergarten graduation. She's been practicing all week. Knows all the songs backwards and forwards. Hand movements, when to sing loudly, when to sing softly. What to wear. Who to stand next to. 'Don't forget to smile for the camera!'

I'm sitting patiently. Stevie beside me. We let him go in late so he could watch the program. He's so excited... he gets to run the video camera for me. 9:30. Here we go... Oh, I'm so nervous. I see the kids lined up in the hall. They're all ready to come in. Wait. There's Mrs. Saluzzo. She's coming this way. She's looking right at me. 'Mary Ann' she says as she motions for me to follow her. Out in the hall I ask 'Is it bad news?'... silly me. I thought she was crying because she was scared.

'Keri Ann just threw up in the hallway'. 'WHAT!!!', I said calmly. Nurses office, second door on the left. Is she ok? Does she have a fever? Do you feel sick? Are you just nervous? "I don't know." Well... why am I asking Keri Ann? Nurse says I can take her home. I'll go get her things. My thoughts don't immediatey go to my sick daughter - but the fact that she'll miss her program. She'll be so upset. Me too.

Teachers say 'She doesn't have a fever. Probably just nervous.' She could just stand on the end if she feels like it. My call - I'm the mom. 'Ok!' Well... at least she'll still get to participate.

Top row on the end. There stands my little girl. Pale as can be. Waving nervously. I'm right here if you need me. Smile for the camera! How's Stevie doing? Still sitting in our seats. Video taping the songs I showed him on the list. He's such a good helper. Oh look. Keri Ann is starting to follow along with the movements a little. How cute! Smile! She looks around at all the parents. Wow... she looks even whiter now. She's waving. No. She's reaching for me. Not now! Don't barf on the kids below! I run to help her down. Four steps. One with the large flag pole. Go around. Hurry up!

Middle of the program... fun song... kids are having fun. Rushing Keri Ann off the stage. Hope I don't distract too much. No one seems to notice. CRASH!!! Wow! That flag pole must be heavy. What a noise. Oops! Sorry! Thanks for helping to pick up the flag. Sorry again! Run Keri Ann. Where's the bathroom? Run faster. Made it! Are you going to be sick? 'I don't know.' Do you have to throw up? 'I don't know.' Do you want to go back and sing? 'I don't know.' Another shade of pale.

Ok. We're leaving. Let's find Stevie. Program is almost over. We have all of her things. Just need to sign her out. Let's get Stevie. There he is. Still video taping the show. Blissfully unaware of the fiasco... 'Mom! You knocked over the FLAG!!!' Well, at least the parents didn't notice. Ok.... only the ones that I stepped in front of while they were filming their kids. At least it was memorable! :D

(This was taken from my MySpace blog May 21, 2009 - Thursday)

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