Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Good Hands (Baby Dedication Song) by Ben Chilcote

Babies, babies, everywhere!

I have seen so many precious little ones lately... those one the way and the new arrivals, that it seemed like a good time to share this song.

Ben Chilcote has written a song especially for baby dedications. It's called "In Good Hands", and it would be great for churches to play during their baby dedication ceremony.

If you don't know what a baby dedication is, it's a promise to raise your child(ren) in the way of the Lord and an acknowledgment of the fact that our children belong to God. He has graciously entrusted us with their care and upbringing, so it it only fitting that we offer them back to the One who loves them more than we could ever imagine.

When I heard this song, it touched my heart. My brother wrote a special song for my husband and I for our wedding, fourteen years ago. This song reminded me of that... not because they sound alike, they don't in any way, but because I can hear that it was written with the same heart of wanting to bless others. 

Give it a listen...

In Good Hands
Copyright 2009 Ben Chilcote

I closed my eyes and said a prayer
And when I looked down you were there
And you were placed into my arms
So amazing

Who am I that God would trust
His little one into my love
And now it all seems up to me
You’re small and helpless

Your steps are ordered
Your hairs are counted
I’ve been entrusted
With God’s beloved

How will I teach you how to walk
When I’m so prone to wander off
How will I teach you how to live
To love and give

How will I teach you how to trust
When I don’t keep my promises
How can I teach you all these things
I’m still learning

Your steps are ordered
Your hairs are counted
A life awaits you
Like a fountain

I am the only world you see
Your tiny hand reaches to me

So I take you by the hand
Close my eyes and pray again
Today I place my dreams for you
In His hands

And one day when you are grown
And walk with Jesus on your own 
I know you finally will be
In good hands

Through the tears and
Through the laughter
The Lord goes with you
Before and after

He is longing
For the moment
He can walk with
His beloved

Our steps are ordered
Our hairs are counted
He has never
Missed a moment

And be sure to check out Ben Chilcote's website here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! God bless! :)

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