Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I made it through...

...the rain. Actually it was the week but it makes me want to sing that old Barry Manillow song - "I Made It Through The Rain". You ever feel like that? Like the week is finally over and it just calls for celebration? I sure do. Especially this week.

I think my family has been sick - off and on - passing it around - since about Valentine's Day. We took Stevie to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm so thankful we did. Turns out he had an ear infection and bronchitis. What's sad is that I think he's been sick longer than I realized. So many people had the flu that I just assumed that's what he had. He had a fever that kept coming and going but he didn't have any signs of anything else. The other day I was praying for him to get well and the thought just came to me that Keri Ann didn't have a fever as long as Stevie - maybe there's something else. So... thankfully we took him in. Funny how things can go unnoticed. Just drowning in everything else that's going on.

I wish I had taken more time in prayer for him. It taught me a good lesson. I was so busy trying to make him well myself that I forgot to call on the One who CAN make him well. I might have heard sooner that he needed a doctors care. While I'm not beating myself up over this I do recognize how quick I am to take things into my own hands. You should have seen my house this week. My poor mom helping me wash all the bed clothes. Opening windows to 'air out' the house. Spraying Lysol on absolutely everything. And on and on... over and over... exhausting!

To make a long story a little longer... That's what we do when we try to fix things ourselves... when we try to steer our own lives apart from God. We are like little children who say "I can do this myself". We make a simple task difficult. And at the end - we ask God for relief from our disaster.

I think I'm going to take this weekend to prepare for the week ahead. Prepare to hear God's voice and His leading instead of heading off in my own direction.

(Taken from my MySpace blog... March 27, 2009 - Friday)

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