Monday, November 15, 2010

Seriously???... or 'Sorry kids, no celebration for you!'

I am soooo irked!!! I just picked up my kids from school only to find out that their Thanksgiving celebration for their classrooms has been canceled. Why? Because the Health Department said they couldn't bring in outside food. Apparently there is no way for them to check our kitchens to see if we wore hair nets.

Are you kidding me??? I can't remember the last time I saw ANY public food worker wearing a hair net! I even asked my kids when they last saw someone wear a hair net... my 7-year-old said "My lunch lady is the only one I've ever seen in a hair net." That ought to tell you something!

Taco Bell, Arbys, Burger King, Subway, etc....  why aren't they keeping up with them? You know... the ones people actually PAY to get food from? Oh... maybe that's why we can't bring in outside food. No one is making money from it! Hmmm... Instead of making the real businesses keep up with the rules, lets target the little kids who just want to have fun and enjoy the holiday!

I think the main reason this really bothers me is that we are doing a private get together. No one has to pay, no tickets are being sold, and no one outside of the students and parents are invited. All the parents agree to cook and bring in food, we give permission for our kids to share what they brought AND to eat what the others are sharing. Why is this anyone else's business... other than the few who are involved?

What's next? Is someone going to tell me that I can't have guests for Thanksgiving? I mean, you really don't know if I wore a hair net. Erggg...

Sorry for the rant... I just get so tired of more and more rules to tell us what we can and cannot do. Not only are there more rules than ever... they are only enforced on the "little people". Am I the only one bothered by this? 


Mary said...

This is really amazing!!!!! Yes, it is easy to enforce this on poor little kids. It could also be one more way of getting rid of our Christian-based holidays. Grrrrr.

To cheer yourself up, listen to Weird Al's song, "Lunch Lady Land." Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

What about bake sales? Those were a huge source of income for my high school clubs! Are they going to take those away too?? This is really just silly...but let's remember, a lot of these silly rules (just like taking away certain playground equipment) have come about because of lawsuits by the community. It is cheaper and easier for the school to just do away with things rather than risk a lawsuit. That's why you don't see merry-go-rounds anywhere anymore, or tall slides (I miss the tall slides). So let's attack this from all sides! Let's support measures to stop these frivolous lawsuits and push for schools and communities to stand up and fight against these threats! TO ARMS. Ha...kidding...but you get the idea.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Mary! You know... I never thought of it that way. I guess we'll have to see if other holidays are stopped as well. Still irks me... but I've calmed down now. I tried looking for Weird Al's song but couldn't find it. Oh... maybe I'll try youtube? God bless! :)

Mary Ann said...

Bake sales... exactly. And birthdays. They aren't even supposed to bring cupcakes on their birthdays. So much for being a kid!

You're right. All the frivolous lawsuits that are being allowed are making it worse for everyone else. Not fair! It would be nice if people used common sense instead of heading to court. (I can dream...) ;)


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