Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

This has been such a long day. Non-stop from beginning to end. I wish I had more energy so I could write. Really write.

Finally went to the doctor this morning after three weeks or more of not feeling well. I have bronchitis. So happy that I went because now I have medicine and can start feeling better soon. I feel like a kid... hate the thought of the medicine going down... but oh how nice it is when it starts working. Thank God for doctors. And for medicine.

Also did shopping, lunch with hubby, helped my mom with her bank account, went to the park, made dinner... and on and on. I'm sure it's pretty similar to your day. Busy, busy, busy. Just busy with different things. And finally... it's ending.

Kids are sleeping after having a late bath and shower. Still have bills to pay before going to bed. All in all, it was a great day. Time with family is what counts. No matter what we do... work or play. It's all good. Why? Because God is good! "So good to me... na, na, na, na... so good to me!" (Sorry, just heard that song and it's stuck in my head.)

On that note... I'll say goodnight! :D

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