Prayer Wall

Prayer is powerful! 

My church has a Prayer Wall where photos are placed of people who want to be prayed for. Each week, our Pastor leads us in prayer to cover those who have their photos there.
Loved the idea... so I made my own version for my blog! :)

Please take a moment to pray for the people listed below.
God knows the needs... will you agree with me in prayer for them?
I promise I will do the same each time I visit. Let's stand in the gap!

"Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should
always pray and not give up."
~Luke 18:1

Lord, for these listed below... I pray you would bless and protect them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Fill them with your Holy Spirit, your joy,your peace, and your love.  Lord, guide them in  Truth and wisdom.   Touch their

Steve, Mary Ann, Keri Ann, Stevie, Joe, Jeremiah, Josh, Jen, Peggy, Vayla ~ Ally ~ Sara, Elijah ~  Ron, Chris, Mark ~ Joyce, Ann, Bill ~ Caleb, Aiden, Seri ~ Sunshine ~ Richie ~ Rob, Julie ~ Arthur, Denise, Sophia ~ Dolly, Truman ~ Lucy ~ Aurora, Alex, Caylie ~  
Ty, Diana, Keith, Chris, Kyle ~ Lorena, Aaron, Ashton, A.J. ~ Jeremiah, Audra, Kynan
Velvet, Don ~ Rachel ~ Dorothy ~ Mary ~ Sammy ~ Mark ~ Anna ~ Connie ~ Tom ~ Kelli
Elaine ~ Donnie, Cassie, Thalia, William ~ Joel, Andrew, Sara ~ Ashley, Vince, Zeke
Jacob, Paula, Gwendalynn, Gabriel ~ Sue ~ Mike ~ Agnus ~ Hal, Mary Helen ~ Mona
Chase, Stephanie, Elianah ~ Catrice ~ Erika ~ Jeremy ~ Josh, Bethany ~ Gina ~ Ashley
Marvin ~ Man who returned my son's wallet ~ Rod ~ Mark ~ Jerry ~ Pat ~ Mike ~ Rod
Maureen ~ Jung ~ Noah, Kristi ~ Harold ~ Bridget ~ Carol, Chelsea, Cassandra ~ Maxine
Alex ~ Robert ~ Rod, Paula ~ Al, Kathi ~ James, Sally ~ Daniel ~ Austin ~ Ted, Barbara
Erin, Emma ~ Ashley ~ John ~ Brandon ~ Wally ~ Joey ~ Darlene, Clint ~ Taylor, Mary
 Annette ~ Meka ~ Smitha ~ All my Facebook friends ~ Matt, Dre ~ Nola ~ Joel, Donna
Fred ~ My Twitter friends ~ Abundant Grace Church family ~ My blog friends and readers
Jolene ~ Yovonda ~
lives and hearts....   their marriages, their families, their jobs.  Grant them your favor.  Show them your Mercy and Grace.  Give them wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment. Thank you for your plans for them. In Jesus' name,  Amen.

If you'd like to add or be added to the Prayer Wall, please send a quick note to or, use my contact page.

I will only publish first names for privacy reasons. That's ok... God knows everything about us already... He's just waiting for us to come to Him.

Thanks and God bless!

Mary Ann :)


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