Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tagged... I'm It.

I was recently tagged by Mary on her beautiful blog, Mary's Heart, to answer the following questions. Tough ones at that... I actually had to think. :)

1. Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to write. Share my thoughts. I want to help people, and mostly... I want to be used by God and share what He has taught me and what He has done in my life. (A work in progress...)

2. What traits should a church look for in a pastor?

Well, if I were choosing a pastor, I think I'd be looking for someone who is faithful and honest... someone who will teach the Word of God with no apologies and no watering down the truth... weather I like it or not. Someone who has a thankful and compassionate heart so he can show mercy and grace to others.

3. Do you believe in Global Warming?

No. Here's a great article Why I Don't Believe In Man-Made Global Warming. And that's my best answer.

4. Do you think health food people are any healthier than other people?

No. I've known vegetarians who are sick often and I've known people who eat only 'organic' foods and take many vitamins who still get sick and have physical problems. I haven't really seen any difference. I believe all things in moderation.

5. Do you believe in the Rapture? If yes, do you think it will be soon?

Yes. I pray it will be soon. I keep thinking "How much worse can it get?" But I'm sure every generation before me thought the same thing. It's all in God's timing. We just need to 'watch and pray'.

6. Do you like to watch any TV preachers?

I don't watch any one on a regular basis, but I do enjoy hearing Charles Stanley and Chuck Swindoll (he's on the radio, does that count?). I think they are great Bible teachers. I also enjoy Joyce Meyer for her teaching Christians how to 'grow up' in the Lord. And I like Joel Osteen... although I believe his gift to be more of an encourager than a biblical teacher.

7. Do you go for yearly check-ups at the doctor and dentist?

No. Trying to get into the habit now that I'm getting older. I've always made sure to keep up with the kids appointments though.

8. Do you like to talk to friends on the telephone or would you rather write or e-mail?

I like to talk on the phone... it just seems that I'm always pressed for time. Get me on the phone and I'm likely to be on for an hour. (Love adult conversation!) But mostly it seems I just send a quick email or facebook message after the kids go to sleep.

Thanks Mary... this was a challenge! But a fun challenge! :)

Please visit Mary's blog...  Mary's Heart. It's a beautiful blog that I'm sure you'll enjoy as she share her heart with you.

God bless!
Mary Ann :)


Mary said...

Thank you, Mary Ann, for participating and for all the wonderful answers! Thanks also for recommending my blog.

Mary Ann said...

You're welcome, Mary! It was fun. Thanks for including me. And you have a great blog... I'm happy to recommend it! :)


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