Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Government. If I Could Change The Rules...

I get so frustrated when I watch the news. And the political ads... don't even get me started! Now, no matter what side you are on, there are a few things that I believe should change. This is only my opinion based on what I see going on today. You may not agree with me. That's ok. I may be wrong... I'm not a professional. Just an average American citizen who would like things to run a little different. Sometimes I would love to boot them all out and start over. But I can't. So....

If I could change the rules... this is where I'd start.

  • Candidates would run their campaign by telling me how they can make our country better. They would tell me what qualifies them for the job... yes, JOB... that they were running for. Fill me in on their ideas and how they intend to accomplish their goals. They would NEVER say anything negative about another candidate. They would be required to be professional! Have a little class and respect for their competition and for themselves. Didn't their mom's teach them anything. "If you can't say something nice... don't say anything!" I'm not stupid and I'm not blind. I can figure out who the bad guys are for myself. And if I can't... then I need to educate myself a little more on the subject.
  • Campaign promises... they would NEVER make promises they can't or don't intend to keep. They would be forced to think of what they're planning to do... beyond getting elected. If promises were made, they would have a set time period that they were required to follow through, or at the very least, show that they were actually working on fulfilling those promises. If neither happens... Bye, bye!
  • There would be a limit on advertising. It wouldn't go on for what seems to be FOREVER... just for a pre-determined time period. Political ads are the new 'spam'... you can't get away from them no matter where you go. (They aren't selling anything, and frankly, I don't want to buy anything they have to offer.) They would spend more time interacting with the real people they claim to want to represent. If they're up for re-election, then their record of the time they spent in office should be enough to get the votes to keep them there. If not, then apparently they don't deserve an extended time in that position.
  • There would be a limit on what a candidate could spend on a campaign, weather it be personally funded or from donations. A realistic limit. (The first one who says the money can be put to better use gets my vote!) Money would not be an issue and elections would NEVER be bought! I'm sure there are many 'poor' candidates who could better relate to the 'average Joe'. Our government should not be run only by those who can AFFORD it, yet haven't got a clue how to budget like the 'little people'. If we can take care of ourselves and our families on the little we make, there is no reason they can't make it work with what they have. They're just used to having so much, that cutting back on the 'little' things seems like it's not worth the effort.
  • Term limits. Every position would have term limits. Just because they're doing a great job today... doesn't guarantee they'll be doing it tomorrow. They need some accountability! They need to EARN their spot!
  • Health insurance. Our government is part of 'we the people.' Even if they don't think so. They would have the same health insurance that we do. If that were the case, I'm sure the health care offered to the public would be much better.
  • And who in the world thinks it's a good idea that they can vote to give themselves a raise? They want a raise... put it on the ballot. Let the people decide if they deserve it. We would know... they do work for us!
  • What about their pension plans? Why do these people get paid when they leave office? Ok... maybe if they put in 20 years or more, maybe. But once you're out, you're out. America can't afford to pay you when you aren't working for us anymore.
You know the kind of candidate I would vote for? The one who says... "We're going to cut back. We pay ourselves way too much and we're allowed too many luxuries. We're going to tighten our belts and be the example of what we are asking all Americans to do!" Or the one who says..."I just don't know the answer." instead of making empty promises and giving false hope. I want leaders who will do what is best for our country.

Democrat, Republican, Nonpartisan... whatever they may be... I want a candidate who is there first and foremost to serve our country. Not themselves. Is that really so much to ask?

As I said before, these are just my opinions. What do you think?

Oh... and don't forget to get out and vote! :)

2 comments: said...

Why has there been no mention of the government leaders taking a salary cut and benefits cut?!!
From what I've researched, congressmen and senators are guaranteed their salaries for life even if they only serve one term! They are guaranteed a huge retirement portfolio as well! It's time for a reforendum(sp) We the people need to have a weekly show on national t.v. to ask those very good questions on a regular basis. If we take two 'average' americans from each state and sit at a round table and ask these questions, I am sure our country would take notice. There would be no censorship at all. I am willing to go on national t.v. and ask our politicians these questions. What do you think?

Mary Ann said...

I agree. We need leaders to ba an example... start making real cuts and not just what will get a pat on the back. They are grossly overpaid in my opinion. Especially when they are no longer serving our country. I mean... they don't reward our military as well... people who actually put their lives on the line. So why should a politicians deserve pay for a job they no longer fill?

Sounds like you have a great idea. We need to hear more from the 'average' americans and less from the media. It's basically a difference of us telling them what we think, instead of us being told what to think. I believe a lot of people just don't realize what is going on in our government. If you only watch what is presented on the news... you'll never get the whole story. And who better to tell the story then the 'people' who are most affected by what our government does or does not do. And I agree... I think our country would take notice.


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