Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Blog Re-Do

I'm trying to learn how to make my blog what I want it to be. Only thing is... I'm not exactly sure what I want it to be. My ideas could change at any moment... depending on my mood.

I guess I'm having a hard time trying to determine what is the most important part of the blog.

Should I make it appealing to others? Or appealing to me? You know... I want to attract readers. But I also want to like it and be drawn to it myself so I'll come back and write.

I see so many other blogs that are just outstanding. Crafty, colorful, homemade, professional.... you name it... it's out there.

I wonder how I will ever draw anyone to my own blog...

I guess deep down, I want my blog to reflect ME. I'm not really a girly-girl. I'm not very crafty. And when it comes to color and embellishments... I guess I'm sort of a plain-Jane. I like warm earth tones. Dark colors. No... I'm not gothic. But I like calm. Simplicity.

I am trying to learn new things in the blogging world. I'm trying to change my blog name for one. I want to change my URL. And I'd love to have a logo.

I bought myself some books on how to use the software I own... Dreamweaver and Gimp. I figure the cost of the books are much cheaper than the price of school itself. And I've been trying to learn a little each day. You know... learning was much easier when I had someone to MAKE me do it! But I will persevere! I am determined!

So.... there may be a few changes to my blog in the coming weeks. Hopefully for the good. And I'm sure a few mistakes as well. I may even begin to like some of the artsy-crafty kind of things. Who knows? The more I learn to do myself... the more fun and challenging it becomes.

I know I don't post enough... but I'm working on that too. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to do... post or learn? It's a learning process. Some days I just get carried away reading all of the great blogs I follow and the new ones I come across. They're so interesting!

I will keep working on my own blog. It's become sort of a personal challenge for me.  Can I do it? I hope you stick around long enough to find out!

Whatever I do... I will do it with all of my heart... unto the Lord!

Thanks for reading and God bless!
Mary Ann :)


Mary Ann said...

Hi DeanO, Not too much information at all. I appreciate your input. It really helps and it makes a lot of sense. I don't like a lot of the fancy stuff either. Just plain and simple is good for me. Thanks for visiting! :)

A Peculiar Person said...

Mary Ann ... Blogging is such an individualized personal experience that the best thing you can be is yourself. I find that people who write from their heart, from their own experiences, and from what God is speaking to them are the ones that I always come back to read again and again!

Mary Ann said...

That is very good advice! Thanks so much for your comment... I needed to hear that! :)

Lori Heyd said...

Keep on going! And welcome to my blog, I noticed you are a follower now. I had no idea what I was doing when I started my blog, and still don't. I just keep writing what I feel the Lord wants me to say! And yes, the best thing you can be is yourself. I will keep checking in.....Lori

Mary Ann said...

Hi Lori! It's nice to know that others feel the same way that I do about blogging. I'm getting great advice... I'm going back to writing for myself and see where God leads me. You have a wonderful blog... I enjoy reading your posts. :)
Thanks for visiting! Mary Ann :)


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