Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Tip For Mom's With Kids in Diapers!

The information below is from the "Everyday Cheapskate" email newsletter from Mary Hunt's Debt-Proof Living. It stated that I could share this info... so I'm passing it along.

After raising six kids... and having two in diapers at the same time... I know how big of an expense this can be. I don't have any kids in diapers anymore.... Yay!... but I thought this might be helpful to those who do. And in this economy I think any money saved is helpful. 

"DIAPER DIVA. I get free diapers, plus $10 for doing surveys for diaper companies. Arquest, a spin-off from Johnson & Johnson, is one of the research companies that I use. It's as easy as calling to give your name, phone number, your child’s gender, weight and diaper size. They will call you when they have an opening. For girls, call 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646 to speak with “Georgia.” For boys, call the same number plus ext. 634 to speak with “Chelia.” Or simply press 9 when you hear the automated prompts to leave your information for the Diaper Survey. If you have not heard back in a month or so, call again. When they perform a survey for your child’s size, they will send you the diapers for free. Then, you fill out a three to four page survey and they set up a 10-minute phone interview. During your interview, you read through your survey answers. They are very professional. Then you receive a $10 check four to six weeks after you complete the interview. If you have more than one baby in diapers, you can participate in multiple surveys. Michele, Pennsylvania

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Check it out! And, by the way, Mary Hunt's website Debt-Proof Living has a lot of great information on finances, being frugal and getting out of debt. Even if you get her newsletter... you will have some great tips and I'm sure you'll find something you can use.

Have a great day!
Mary Ann :)

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