Monday, September 27, 2010

HE is my constant!

I sometimes feel as if I'm living on an emotional roller coaster. Some days I'm up... some days I'm down. Some days I don't know where I'm headed or what direction I'm going. And then there are days that are just a little more 'ride' than I can handle. You know... the ones that make you sick!

Sick of life. Sick of work. Sick of people. Sick of doing. Sick of being...

I have days when I like everyone and everyone likes me... (or so I'd like to think.) And then those days when I wish I could be alone. Or maybe I just don't fit in. Or... maybe everyone else would like me to go away.

I have days when I feel like I do everything well. I feel confident. I can cook, clean, pay the bills, and get the kids to school on time. I think I look pretty good for my age. I feel good in a certain outfit.

Followed by days of feeling like I'm not good at anything at all. Like I'm a failure. I'm not a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... or whatever hat I may be wearing at the time. Like I don't take care of myself the way I should. Nothing I wear fits or flatters me. I need to lose weight. Eat healthier. What am I teaching my kids?

Sometimes I feel like trying my best, being my best, and being a success.

And then the next moment... I think, "Why bother?"

There are days when I'm happy with exactly where I am in life and who I turned out to be. And then days filled with... 'if only's' and 'what if's' and 'why didn't I's'.

My thoughts... my feelings... my opinions about life. They may change every day, or every hour for that matter. They change with the circumstances or with the weather. I don't know how I will feel from one day to the next. But there is one thing I know for sure...

                   HE is my constant!

                                            God will never change!

He is the same YESTERDAY,
                                                                 and FOREVER!

God's Word tells me EXACTLY how He feels about me, what He thinks about me, and WHO HE SAYS I AM!

It just doesn't matter how I feel. It can NOT change the TRUTH of God's Word.

I doesn't matter what circumstances or challenges I may be facing... God still feels the same about me.

I can feel alone. I can feel far from God. But that won't change the truth that He will never leave me or forsake me. 

Someone may not like me... but that doesn't make me less in God's eyes. He loves me the same.

I may feel that I can't do anything. And while I can't do everything, it won't change the truth that I can do ALL things through Christ.  If He called me to it... He will see me through it!

You see... God loves me. God loves you. He sent His Son to die for our sins! How much more could He possibly do to show what we mean to Him? To show that He loves us. And yet so many of us doubt and wonder if He really does. How can this be?

It's because we're not spending time with God. Any relationship needs TIME and TOGETHERNESS or there is no relationship. (A post for another day...)

While God gave us 'feelings', our emotions should never be in control. They only serve as a guide. They can lead us in the wrong direction at any moment if we give in to them. We need to stick to the truth of the Bible! If our emotions don't line up with God's Word... don't follow them.

How do we know if our emotions line up with God's Word? Keep Christ at the center at all times! READ the Bible! Spend time in God's Word. Hide it in your heart.

You see... we can live a whole different life in our minds. Our perceptions can be distorted from reality. That's why God tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. And the only way to do that is by the TRUTH of GOD's WORD.

My prayer is that we all would take time today to read God's word and spend time with Him. Let's not believe the lies our emotions tell us. Let's believe God instead.

Thanks for reading and God bless!
Mary Ann :)

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