Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last Week Of Summer... Vacation.

We are quickly approaching the final week of our summer vacation. School begins a week from Monday. So how can we pack in all the activities that we didn't get to do? Ughh...

It seems funny to me that I enjoy summer vacation more as an adult than I did when I was in school. Not sure why that is. Maybe it's because we got bored so easily, or maybe because we didn't have money. Or maybe neither of those reasons. My kids seem to get bored too and we don't always have money to do what we'd like. I guess it's more because we are better at planning our summers. Or even just the days in general.

I've come to find that I don't function well with the 'play it by ear' approach. Seems that most days drift by without anything meaningful happening. BUT... when I have a plan ... now that's when we can have fun. It's when I start the day on purpose that I can really enjoy it.

It's funny, because my husband is just the opposite. Yes... he does his share of planning. Only HIS plans are subject to change. Anytime. And often. Before we actually end up doing anything. He is a planner. But he is more interested in having fun than sticking to the days' itinerary.

So... for the next week, the last week I have to spend with my kids before they go back to school, I have a plan. I'm sure you knew that. :)

I'm planning to have a relaxing time with my kids. A quiet time. Time to sit and listen to them, help them be prepared for the new school year, and just be together before we get back into routine.

We've planned to have a 'pajama day'. That's one of our favorites. We hang out in our pj's all day... watch movies... order pizza... make smores... or whatever we feel like doing. We just do it all in our pajamas. It's not like a 'lazy', 'nothing to do' kinda day. It's planned. So it's fun. For some reason... I love to have pizza, on the couch, in front of the tv, in my pj's. Just seems to make life a little better. Don't you think?

And I'll be sure to leave a day or two open for my husband to 'plan' his fun with them. It's my way of planning to be spontaneous.  ;)

Thanks for reading!
Mary Ann :)

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