Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Favorite Summer Meal... Chicken Caesar Wraps

The BlogHop question this week is "What is one of your favorite homemade dishes? Share your recipe!" This is my entry...

Summer in Las Vegas means cooking with as little heat as possible... and whenever we can, grill it outside. But we do a have a few family favorites that are quick and delicious. Well... at least we think so. Here's one that I make quite often this time of year. It's quick, easy, and pretty healthy.

Chicken Caesar Wraps

Diced cooked chicken
Romaine lettuce chopped for salad
Caesar salad dressing
Fresh, grated parmesan cheese
Croutons, smashed in a zip-lock bag
Black pepper
Flour tortillas

Basically, you assemble the chicken and salad ingredients and mix well. Toss in a burrito shell and wrap. Simple as that! You can make it even easier if you buy the ready-to-use bag salad from the store. Just add chicken.

I try to make just what my family will eat as these don't make for good leftovers. The salad dressing always leaves the salad wilted by the next morning.

My kids really like these... I hope you enjoy them too!

God bless!
Mary Ann :)

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