Friday, July 23, 2010

Letting Go And Letting God

It's one of those phrases that we see all the time as a christian. "Let Go, and Let God." I see it on plaques, key chains, stickers... countless items at the christian bookstore. Sounds logical. If only it were that easy.

Letting go is one of the hardest things I've had to do. Yes, I know it's God's job to change people. Yes, I know I don't have the power to change anyone. And yes, I know God has only called me to plant a seed, be a light, and lead the way to Jesus. But sometimes I feel as if I could 'help God out.'

I tell myself... "If I could just say the right words..." or "Maybe if they hear this person's story..." or "What if I could get them to read this book?" Or sometimes I'll be sitting in church hearing a great sermon and think "Man, why can't he/she be here to hear this? I know it would save them." Have you ever felt that way?

At times I'd find myself very angry with someone I'm trying to encourage. I couldn't understand why, but after much prayer... God has shown me that it was I who was trying to save them... or change them. I was well meaning. But I wasn't leading them to Jesus... I was trying to do the work myself. Then I'd be angry with them when they didn't respond.

Inviting God to come and work in someones life IS the way to change their life. I have no power of my own to change anyone. I can't save anyone. I can't heal anyone. I can't mend a broken relationship. And I certainly can't change a heart. But I know the ONE who can! And I will surely petition Him on their behalf.

Letting go can be a difficult. Especially when it's a loved one and even more so if it's your child. You want to save them. Keep them from the bad choices, the wrong decisions. You don't want them to suffer. You want to step in and spare them any pain. Keep them close... so they don't stray from God, because you think "if I let go... God might forget!"

I remember a time many years ago... I was in my car driving to work. I had been worried about my son. The decisions he was making. The friends he was choosing. "God, don't you see the direction he's headed in?" As soon as I spoke those words... even before I got them all out, I felt God telling me that He brought ME through my past, and He can keep my son and bring him through this as well. I just had to TRUST that He loved my son even more than I ever could.

What we really need to do is let God be God. We need to step out of His way and let Him do the work. Trust Him. Plant the seed and move on. You don't see a farmer drop a seed in the ground and then stand and hover over it... urging it to grow the way he wants it to. No, he plants the seed... and leaves the growing to God.

So that's what I've learned to do. To put it all in God's hands. Is it always that simple for me? No. Do I put everyone in His hands as quickly as I should? No. But I'm learning. I'm sure I'll be learning until the day He takes me home. But what I do know... His way is so much better than my own. I will continue to trust. I will continue to obey. And I will continue to pray.

God has called me to pray. THAT is how we can change lives!

Thanks for reading!
Mary Ann :)

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