Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take your child to work day

My two youngest were excited to miss school in favor of "Take You Child To Work Day". The excitement mounted for my daughter as she was getting ready to go with her big sister to be her 'daughter' for the day. Since I don't have a job outside the home my oldest daughter is always willing to take one of her younger siblings with her. She is a pre-school teacher and I would guess every little bit of help is great. As for my son... he was so excited I thought he would burst. Excited that he was staying home with mom? That he gets to help around the house and see what I do while he's in school? Nope. He just can't wait to have a whole day at home without his younger sister. She is quite animated at times...and a little bossy, so I guess I understand. But his excitement quickly faded as he realized that mom really does 'work'. Laundry, dishes, making lunch, and even a short lesson in bill paying and budgeting. It's been a great day! Busy, but great. I love hanging out with the kids even if it is while doing chores. I'll take it.

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