Friday, April 23, 2010

Women of Faith

Today is the first day of the "Women of Faith" conference. My daughter and I will be gone the whole day since we live so far from the venue... won't have time to come home during the break. It will be rush hour. I can't remember ever being away from home for so long. Not being here when the kids get home from school, not here for dinner or to tuck them in bed. Hmmm... I'm sure they will be fine without me. Right? I just really enjoy being with them and miss being home. Even when it's a good thing. I am really excited to go to the conference. I haven't been to one in about 10 years so I plan to enjoy the day with my oldest daughter and trust God to renew my spirit once again. That's what I need most... renewal. Lord, teach me today, as I go with expectancy to meet you there. And give me a little extra so I can come home and share with others. Amen.

Ok... totally off the subject. But, how do they get "won't" from "will not"? Just wondering...

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