Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GriefShare ~ Help For Those In Mourning

Not long ago, I was speaking to a man at church who had suffered a great loss within his family. He had spent years trying to cope with the grief involved with losing a loved one.  GriefShare is where he found the help he needed on the road to healing. I'm so glad he shared that information with me. Because now... it is needed.

At the beginning of this year, my best friend's mom went home to be with the Lord. A wonderful sweet woman who loved God with all her heart. We know she is with the Lord; Heaven is the reward that we as Christians look forward to. But, we are still left with our grief. The pain and emptiness that is left in her absence is at times, unbearable. Being a Christian doesn't exclude us from that. We are still human. The question is... How do we deal with it?

I believe that God is the center of all healing, but I realize that we also need a help from others. God never meant for us to go through it alone. Just as He may use doctors to heal us, He also uses friends, family members, or others who have lost someone special to speak into our lives. And sometimes... you need to seek out a counselor or group to help you. 

The loss of a loved one touches many lives. Not just the immediate family. We all want to be there, to comfort and encourage. We want to be a part of the healing process, but we don't always know how.  First, PRAY!  Then... Find a group.  Read and learn all that you can.  If you want a place to start, check out GriefShare. If you've lost someone or helping someone who has, this can help you to understand the grieving process. It's not easy on anyone... but any help is a good thing. You don't  have to do it alone.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!
Mary Ann

*Below are a couple of books I've begun to read and they seem very helpful.  I didn't get paid to review them.  I just found them in my search to learn more so I can be there for my best friend.  You can check them out if you like... or do your own search.

Helping People Through Grief   

Confessions of a Grieving Christian

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