Monday, June 13, 2011

Ain't No Grave... By Russ Taff

This is one of my favorite songs from about 20+ years ago. It may be a bit old-time, but I love it. It's called Ain't No Grave by Russ Taff. He's one of my favorites. I used to listen to his cassettes over and over. Yes... I said "cassettes". That's how we listened to music way-back-when. ;)

This is the best video I could find. I was hoping to find him in concert from all those years ago... but none to be found. That's ok, it's still a great song.

Hope you enjoy it!

Have a great day and God bless! :)


Nancy said...

Hi, it's great to meet you.....I have enjoyed browsing your blog; its full of food for thought.......I am your newest member and I hope you will come over for a visit......

Hugs and blessings,

Mary Ann said...

Hi Nancy! It's nice to meet you too! Thanks for visiting... and following. I'm glad you enjoyed browsing my blog. :)

I'm on my way to visit you.

God bless! :)


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