Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Summer Recipe... Jello Salad AKA the "Pink Stuff"

Summer is here! No, not officially, but it sure feels like it here in the desert. 80 to 90 degree temps means it's time for bbq's and picnics (Memorial Day?). Or maybe just sandwiches when it's too hot to use the oven.

This is a favorite recipe. When we have a family gathering, someone's going to bring it. And it's never enough... we all go back for seconds. The kids love it and it's a cool dessert for the hot weather.

Jello Salad or "Pink Stuff"

1 lg. Cool Whip
1 lg. cottage cheese
1 lg. box strawberry-banana Jell-o (or 2 small)
3-4 large bananas, sliced

Mix all ingredients together. Let stand in refrigerator 15-30 minutes.

How easy is that!

The first time I tried this was at a baby shower for my sister. Wow... that must be about 25 years ago! So... it must be good 'cause we're still making it.  I remember it was made with lime Jello and crushed pineapple.

You can use any variation you like. Strawberry and banana are just my favorite. If you have a favorite combination or come up with a new one... feel free to share your version in the comments below. Nothing like a new recipe!

Mary Ann :)


Blogger In Training said...

Hi Mommy! This is the best post!

Blogger In Training said...

That post that you just got was from me Keri Ann just so yo know.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Baby Girl! I was just reading your blog too! :)

Anonymous said...

My Aunt makes a pink salad that she freezes. I think I know some of the ingredients. Cool whip, strawberries, pineapple, banana, walnuts, maybe jello (not sure). She's stingy with the recipe. I want to make it but can't find it online. I was searching and came across your recipe here. Do you by any chance know of this recipe my Aunt makes? Have you heard of it? Thanks so much for your time any help. :)

Anonymous said...

We use mandarin oranges..drained


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