Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Way Or The HIGHway?... HE orders my steps.

'Twasn't the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a.... wait. That's not true. I'm stirring. For over an hour now.

Why can't I sleep? Let me think....

Oh, that's it! I keep thinking! Well, that, and my Baby Girl who came in to tell me she's sick and is now occupying my bed. That'll do it.

But since I'm up... Lord, could you please tell me how I can handle this mess of a day tomorrow? And why do I worry about it? I know you're in control and "I can do all things through Christ"! And yet here I sit planning it all out.

Here's how I see it...

  • Wake up early.
  • Remind Mom not to eat or drink because she has surgery today. 
  • Have Young Man take Little Lady to work so I can get ready. (Little Lady's car broke down. Hopefully she can find a ride home and a ride to the airport tonight - she's going to see her BFF. I'll still be at the hospital.)
  • Shower & get dressed. 
  • Make breakfast... but not for Mom.
  • Get Baby Boy ready for school. Baby Girl won't be going because... well, she's sick. Would have let Baby Boy stay home the whole day, but he doesn't want to miss his GATE class. So he'll go for the morning.
  • Hubby will drop Baby Boy off at school on the way to his 2nd, 8hr day of orientation for his new job. (Thank you, Lord!)
  • Get things together for our day at the hospital: GameBoys, Nook, and cell phone (make sure they're charged), art pads and pens, books, plenty of one dollar bills for the vending machines. Oh... and make sure Mom has her ID and Insurance info.
  • Take Young Man downtown for Jury Duty. (His first ever.) And don't forget my GPS. Hope he finds a ride home... the bus?
  • Pick up Baby Boy from school on the way home. He and Baby Girl will have to go with me to the hospital for Mom's surgery. No one to pick them up from school, no one at home, no one with a car. Hope Baby Girl isn't too sick. Won't be fun.
  • Make lunch... but not for Mom.
  • Clean house, laundry.... forget it. No time. There's a perk! :)
  • Load up the Van with backpacks, kids and Mom and head over to the hospital. Need to be there an hour early for paperwork. Would have re-scheduled but it took 4 weeks to get an appointment that should have only taken 3-5 days to get... so, no chance I'd miss it.
  • Get Mom checked in. Hope they will let me bring the kids in... she can't hear very well and I need to know what's going on. 
  • Call Kid to see if he can still pick up Baby Boy and Baby Girl from the hospital and stay with them until Hubby gets home.
  • Wait patiently for Mom to be finished. Yes! Quiet time! I can read a book. :)
  • Sit with Mom in recovery... then head over to the pharmacy to pic up her meds.
  • Dinner? Not on my list. Maybe Kid or Hubby can pick something up. (Send money with them.)
  • Home at last! Hopefully Young Man and Little Lady each found a ride to where they needed to go. Have one of the 'boys' help me get Mom upstairs so she can rest for the night. And me too.
  • Pray for a quick recovery for Mom. Do I dare go to Ladies Bible Study on Friday? Probably not... but I'll hope. Can't leave Mom alone on meds and getting up every 4 hours = pretty sleepy. 
It's funny how my mind works when I'm tired. Looking at my list now I know it will all go well. God is in control and I've worried for nothing. But it seemed so big in my head! Not that I have a big head. Do I? 

As I sit here reading, I can imagine a voice in my head... like one of those announcements after an old cartoon.  You know...

  • Will Little Lady find a ride home from work? Will she get to the airport on time? And what is the fate of her car?
  • Will Young Man take the bus after Jury Duty? Did he get picked?
  • Will Kid get off work in time to pick up Baby Boy and Baby Girl? What will they have for dinner?
  • And what about Ladies Bible Study?
Tune in next time...

I can only imagine how small our problems look to God. And when we keep our eyes on Him, they will look small to us as well. I can keep my own plans for the day, or I can let Him lead me. It's MY way or the HIGHway. Not a tough choice... I'm going to give my day back to Him.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." -Proverbs 16:9

Thanks for reading and God bless!
Mary Ann :)

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