Friday, January 28, 2011

A Time To Embrace by Karen Kingsbury

This is the first book I've read by Karen Kingsbury... and it will be the first of many. I think I just found a new favorite author!

A Time To Embrace is the story of John and Abby. A couple who have survived the road to divorce, only to recover and find a love greater than before. The story takes you through the ups and downs of learning to trust again. Not only trust in your spouse... but trust in God.

The story was written with great detail. John's struggle with his coaching career; parents wanting him fired, kids losing respect for him, and his lifelong love of football. And there's Abby with her willingness to trust and forgive to restore her marriage, yet having the doubts that come in at a moments notice. Then we have Jake. A student of John's who learns a great lesson in forgiveness and restoration through one life altering decision. It moves on to their children. Mainly their older daughter and her marriage... dealing with her own doubt and lack of faith in hard times.

This was the second in a series but I didn't feel at all lost. The details of the past are brought to life in conversations with the main characters, as well as in flashbacks. I could easily imagine John and Abby's house on the lake and their 'dance' on the pier. Beautiful. I also enjoyed the supporting characters. A pleasant mix that made the story even more believable and enjoyable.

It was inspiring to read a story of renewed romantic love. A saved marriage in the midst of life and the trials that come with it. The faith of the John and Abby was refreshing and motivating. It reminded me of why I love Christian fiction. To be encouraged in my daily walk. This is a book I will be sure to pass along. :)

Thanks for reading!
Mary Ann :)

*Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.-Thanks Thomas Nelson! :)


jonahbonah said...

You must start the Baxter Family drama series by Karen Kingsbury!! I read the Remember series and the Firstborn series and am now onto the Sunrise series....I can't stop reading!!!!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I really like her books, but she has so many I wasn't sure where to start. I'm the same way... I could read and read and read... if I only had more time! :)

Thanks for visiting and God bless!
Mary Ann :)


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